Casa Mission

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We believe we have an obligation to share the message of God’s love to those who do not know Him, and to assist the poor and suffering.  Mayfair has a long tradition of mission work, internationally, domestically and locally.  In our past, we have provided and supported missionary teams to Brazil, conducted mission trips into Mexico and Canada, and have helped support evangelistic efforts in Spain.  These efforts are in addition to providing support for various mission efforts sponsored by other churches in Europe.

The casa

Presently, our primary international mission efforts are focused on the support of Casa de la Esperanza (House of Hope), a children’s home and the adjacent local community in Anahuac, Mexico, located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chihuahua.  Each Spring Break save one since 1999, Mayfair has sponsored a mission trip in support of this inspirational and important work. The Casa is aptly named; it has become a place of hope for so many abandoned, abused and neglected children in that part of Mexico.  We have come to think of it as a spiritual oasis in the middle of the desert.    
The Casa is directed by Gil and Becky Sanchez who are spiritual heroes to many of us.  Gil and Becky are U.S. citizens who gave up successful careers and left family and their dream home in Colorado to move to Anahuac to resurrect this children’s home from ruin.   Through their leadership they have transformed the Casa into a truly amazing place.  They have provided a home and refuge for these children, acting as surrogate grandparents, teachers, and mentors; in many ways, they represent the face of God.  

It is amazing to see the impact of love on the children of the Casa, which come from truly tragic if not horrific circumstances.  The children respond in miraculous ways; as a general rule, they are very well behaved, they do well in school, they are playful and they respond to us like we were part of the Casa family. Clearly it is God working in the lives of these children and those who care for them. The Casa is a place for the children to live and grow and to thrive.  Our time with the children is always the highlight of each trip.

Also during this trip, we reach out to the adjacent community of Anahuac where the poverty is staggering.  We distribute food, provide clothing, help to build homes and places of refuge for the homeless and cook and serve meals to the poor.  It is a special honor to serve these people who are so kind and grateful for everything they receive.  We look forward with great anticipation to our next trip which is scheduled for March 12-18, 2016.  You can learn more about the Casa at  

Domestically, Mayfair has sponsored evangelistic television programs including Something Special and The Carpenter’s Children in its past.  Our youth have been involved in numerous missions to Houston and Memphis, as well as various service projects here in Oklahoma City.  But our emphasis is the community in which we are located, assisting with the local elementary school, engaging in community service and various other projects designed to create a relationship between Mayfair and the surrounding community.  We work with existing charities including Infant Crisis Services, BritVil Food Pantry, the Ronald McDonald House and the City Rescue Mission, among several others.  It is our desire to expand on these efforts to serve our community in the near future.

There are many opportunities to serve in the missions area at Mayfair and we would love to have you work alongside of us as we serve our God by serving others.