Thank You!

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to partner with St. Anthony Hospital to provide support to our medical professionals and hospital staff who are on the front lines, working tirelessly to care for our city and care for those directly impacted by this pandemic.

As usual, you all rose to the occasion magnificently. Through our two campaigns, we raised almost $3,000 to supply snacks and drinks to those aforementioned hospital workers. In addition, we supplied thank you cards written by our children, and hand-written notes of encouragement... a donation that could never be adequately quantified.

Below, you'll find a letter, written by my mother (who connected us with this project) that outlines the depth of the impact that a few snacks and goodies can provide, as well as a picture of one of the carts stuffed with our donations that was included in a newsletter from SSM Heath.

I am so proud to be a part of this church family! Thank you for your love and your generosity.
"Dear Mayfair Church of Christ,

On behalf of my organization, and as an individual with obvious ties to your congregation;  I would like to extend heartfelt gratitude for the support provided to our Nursing and Clinical staff, during the COVID-19 crisis.  

I was able to personally observe a scenario in which a tired, hot and bedraggled caregiver (who had just spent 6 hours wearing a respirator and “bunny suit”)  was offered a chance to rest a minute, have a snack and a drink, look at an encouraging note, and during the course of that brief respite, connect with a counselor who was in the vicinity.  At this point, the caregiver became rather tearful and thanked the counselor who offered support, encouragement and resources.  I am told this scenario played out multiple times over the last few weeks, and was made possible in a large part by the donations of food and drinks, and the distribution of encouraging words and thoughts which the Mayfair Church provided.

From sharing your Sunday morning donuts, to weekly deliveries of cards, encouragement, snacks and refreshments, this congregation has definitely embodied the caring and giving spirit of Christianity.

Although as health care workers, we have come to expect a certain amount of anxiety, stress and risk that just comes with the territory; this past couple of months has provided more than the normal  share of challenges.  Never before have we been as uncertain about where our priorities lie, or how will this affect our personal lives, families and friends.  In addition, we have been faced with the fear of encountering overwhelming odds and even doubted our ability to adequately meet this foe, head on.

The support of the Mayfair Church, along with the support of our community, our families and our friends has been invaluable.  The smiles and tears of those who have been lifted up are, I’m sure, a heavenly offering of praise to our Lord.

Thank you again, from the depths of our hearts,

Dora Chambers RN BSN   Director Patient Care-CV Nursing
SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital – Oklahoma City

P.S.  I thought you should know that this “encouragement cart” process (in which the snacks, drinks and cards were taken to areas most impacted by the COVID-19  pandemic; accompanied by a support/counseling professional) has now been copied in many other SSM facilities-due to its reputation for being so successful here.   You all are part of something much bigger than you may ever realize!"

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William Jones - July 17th, 2021 at 9:43pm

I just wanted to say that last Sunday was my first time coming, and I quite enjoyed it. I got to meet Donna and Pam. They know Ruby and Dewayne Stahl. When I got to Church an elder named Steve gave me a tour of the Church, and was really nice enough to take me all the way back home. Actually he took me and another lady by the name Margrett home. I also got to meet and hear Jake preach. Also I have got involved with volunteering at you all's food pantry. David told me it wouldn't start up until August and I would have to do some civil rights training. He said that he will call me 2 days before to remind me. I plan on being a committed member.