A Prayer for May 24, 2020

Merciful God and Father,

Thank you for this new morning.  We are made mindful in these difficult times of how precious each new day is.  Help us to focus on the blessings you send us each day, and to not let our minds spin needlessly on the troubles that so easily distract us.  

We are grateful to you for the freedoms we enjoy by living in this country; we know they came at a terrible cost.  We pray that we might always have this blessing.  This weekend we honor those who have sacrificed and those who paid the ultimate price to preserve those freedoms.  We ask for your blessings on those who have given so much; and we pray for peace in this world.

This morning we are especially thankful for the freedom over sin and death which is ours because of the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus.  We are eternally grateful that you sent your Son, the lamb of God, to this earth in order to be the atonement for our sins.  It is by your love and by your grace that this indescribable gift has been given.   In response, we pray that our lives will be living sacrifices to you, holy and pleasing, a spiritual worship.  Help us by your Spirit to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds.  Help us to know what your good and perfect will is for our lives.

Father, once again we pray that you intervene and bring the pandemic to a swift conclusion.  We long to be able to worship you in the presence of each other; we long for the community of the body of Christ which you designed from the beginning.  We long to commune with each other as we commune with you.

Thank you again for the indescribable gift of life through your Son.  

It is in his holy name that we pray.

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