A Prayer for May 17, 2020

Holy God and Father,

Thank you for this new morning; thank for the blessing of this new day.  You are the ever-faithful God whose love for us endures forever.  We are in awe of your greatness and goodness; your love and compassion are beyond our ability to grasp or understand.  You are mighty God, creator of the universe.  Who are we that you should care about us?  Who are we that you would send your Son to die for us?   We praise you for who you are and all that you have done.  We praise you for the blessings and mercies you shower upon us each day.  We praise you for the life that is to come.

This morning we pray for the Mayfair church family.  We pray that you will protect the hearts and the souls of each member.  We pray for our future as together we serve you with joy and gratitude for all you have done.  We have dreams of honoring you by serving our community; we pray that you would grant us the blessing of being able to serve you in this way.  We pray that you will guide our steps and bless our efforts as we commit our plans to you.

In this unbelievably difficult time, we find ourselves struggling with many things.  Each day seems to bring more uncertainty, the routines that made up our daily lives have been turned upside down.  We struggle with anxiety; we are stunned by the changes that have taken place and wonder how long this will continue.  We pray again that you intervene; we pray that by your hand the virus will lose its control over our lives.  We turn to you for the strength for each new day.  We ask for protection for those we love and for ourselves.  We submit to your will and your plan; help us to see and to know what we are to learn from this season in our lives.

Our time on this earth is short; help us to make the most of the time you have appointed for us.  Help us to become more like you and to love as you have taught us to love.  Help us share as you have given to us; help us to show others the way back to you.

You are holy God, our Father in heaven who loves his children.  We love you; we trust in your promises.  We believe you sent your Son Jesus to this earth to die on our behalf and that he was raised again.  We believe that we too will be raised to be with you.  We look forward to his return.

In his holy name we pray.

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