A Prayer for May 10, 2020

Merciful God and Father,

We thank you for this beautiful day, for the hope and promise each new day brings because of you.  We thank you for this moment as we reflect on the countless blessings and gifts you have sent our way.  We thank you for family, for our homes, for our health, for the relationships that fill our hearts, for the moments of laughter and joy.  We thank you for the blessing of life.  We thank you, the creator of the universe, for the miracle of being called your children.  We thank you for loving us.

There are so many that need our prayers in these difficult times.  We pray for all those on the front lines of this pandemic; we pray for all those struggling to make ends meet, for the non-profits serving those in desperate need with dwindling resources, for those working countless hours to keep their means of livelihood afloat, and for those whose families face insecurity and very uncertain days ahead.  Help us to be a blessing to these and to others in need where we have opportunity.  Help us to use this time of difficulty and uncertainty to show and to share just how wonderful you are to the world around us.  

Father God, help us to be strong and courageous.  Help us to shake off the fear that so easily holds us back.  Give us the peace that comes from knowing our hope is assured; the peace that comes from reliance on your promises.  You are faithful God whose promises never fail.  May the strength and courage and peace that comes from you see us through the days ahead.  May we live with joy because of knowing what you have in store for us.

We thank you again for everything you have done.  We thank you for our mothers, whether they are living or whether they are with you.  Please bless them richly.  Thank you above all for Jesus and his matchless gift which has made all things possible.

In his name we pray.

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