A Prayer for May 3, 2020

Dear God and Father in Heaven,

For this new morning, we give you praise.  For seeing us through the difficult moments of this past week, we thank you.  For the moments of joy, the smiles, the encouragement you sent our way, we honor you with gratitude.  You are the God who does immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine, the creator of the universe who cares and provides for his creation, no matter how small; you care and provide for us.

The changes in our lives over the past several weeks have been unsettling; the isolation and restrictions on our freedoms weigh on our psyche.  We struggle.  We struggle and we look to you for help; you are our strength.  The pandemic has reminded us how precious our freedom is, how much we need each other.  Forgive us for taking these things for granted.  We anxiously await the time when our lives can return to some semblance of normalcy.  

But we know that the bigger picture is unchanged by all of this.  Your promises of life and salvation are so much greater than this present trouble.  We trust in you and know that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, certainly not this trouble, certainly not this hardship.  We trust in you; because of you we are more than conquerors.  

And still we confess we are often afraid when we should not be, we worry when we should trust in you.  Our minds to easily shift to the negative around us when we should rejoice in what you have done for us.  Help us to look through these struggles and distractions with a perspective that comes from you, a perspective of the eternal.

You give us joy, you give us hope, you give us purpose, you give us life.  Thank you for loving us; thank you for walking with us through each day, through both the good and the difficult.  You are the one constant in our lives – the faithful God who never changes; may we never forsake this sacred gift.

Thank you for Jesus and his sacrifice for us; we anxiously await his return.  In his name we pray.

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