A Prayer for Mayfair: April 19, 2020

A Prayer for Mayfair: April 19, 2020

Dear Merciful and Holy God,

Thank you for this new day; for your mercies which are new every morning.  In our hearts we bow before you, mindful of your steadfast love, mindful of your great compassion, mindful of your great faithfulness.  You are the one true God who knows us by name and knows us by heart.  You are the God who rejoices over us with singing.  It is your love and faithfulness that gives us strength for today and hope for tomorrow.
We thank you for the blessing of hope.  Once again we are reminded how powerless we are to control our destiny, stunned that something so small and inanimate could turn our world upside down.  It has brought to a standstill the very things in which we foolishly had placed so much confidence.  We are humbled as we painfully re-learn the lesson that our confidence and our trust should be in you alone.  We are a moment, you are forever, Lord of the Ages, God before time; our hope is in you.
We continue to pray for all those affected by the virus, we pray once again for your intervention.  Knowing who you are, we trust you are already moving in ways that are bigger and greater than we can imagine.  
And our prayer this day is also one of thanksgiving.  Thank you for the beauty that surrounds us this time of year, it lifts our spirits and reminds us of you.  We thank you for the timely calls from family and friends that remind us of how much we need each other and the power of an encouraging word.  We thank you for the glimpses we are beginning to see that we will have once again have the blessing of being with each other, face to face.  Because of you, we hope.
Father God, you have shown us what it means to love each other.  With so much trouble all around us, we struggle to know where and how to start.  Help us to make a difference for good in someone‚Äôs life today.
Please continue to richly bless the Mayfair family.  We truly miss being able to worship you in the presence of each other.  Thank you again for your love, for your promises, for your salvation and for Jesus who has made it all possible.  
In his wonderful name we pray. 

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Jake Doberenz - April 19th, 2020 at 10:07am

Thank you so much for the encouragement of this prayer and the encouragement from all the Mayfair family.