An Easter Prayer in a Pandemic

Merciful and Holy God,

Thank you for the blessing of this new day.  Thank you for the signs of Spring and new life which not only remind us of your love and care, but also of your power to make all things new.  
We have been reminded these past few weeks of how powerless we are when it comes to controlling our futures.  We have been reminded once again of how fragile we are; reminded that it is only by your grace that we live and move and have our being.

We pray for all whose lives have been upended by the pandemic; we pray for the first responders, we pray for those on the medical front lines, we pray for the families in turmoil, we pray for those who have lost their jobs, we pray for those whose lives hang in the balance, and we pray for those who have lost people they love.  And we plead for your intervention in this crisis; we pray you will cause good to come from this evil, because that is who you are.  We pray your name will be glorified above all names.

Father God, we miss being with each other.  We confess at times we have taken the blessing of community for granted; we have been reminded these past weeks of how much we need each other.  We pray the days will be few before we can see the faces of those we love in person.  Please continue to bless the Mayfair family.

Holy God, please help us focus on being grateful for each new day and the blessings you have given, instead of being consumed with worry about an uncertain future we cannot control.  Help us to be a people who in the time of crisis will be on our knees praising you for your countless gifts.  Help us to be content and grateful as we are surrounded by your love.

Above all we thank you for the gift of redemption through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and his resurrection from death.  We celebrate this day and every day because of what you have done for us!  We trust in you alone to save us and we cling to the promise of life with you.  We long for that day.  We pray that all might come to know you and your boundless grace.
In the meantime, we pray you transform us to be more like you.  May we be a people quick to show grace and love to others.  We love you, thank you again for the blessing of this day.

In the name of our Savior Jesus.

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