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This Sunday at Mayfair | September 10th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we heard from our guest speaker, Dr. Scot McKnight, on topics from his book, A Fellowship of Differents.

We live in an individualistic, post-modern culture; in our culture, everything is up to the individual and everything is up for debate. Consequently, the very idea of the Church has come under heavy fire recently. For many young people or new Christians, “What’s the point of the Church?” and “Why should I go?” are very serious questions. We talked about the answers today.

Randy and Scot shared the stage—Randy asking Scot questions and Scot giving answers. There was much more said today than we can write here, so we’ll just look at one of the questions for now. (But if you want to know more leave a comment or drop by our building!)

So, what even is “the Church?”

The word “church” is all over the spectrum of meaning these days, but the Church is the expansion of God’s chosen people to include all who are in Christ, not just those who are born to Israel. It’s not a building or an institution; it’s a body of witnesses, a family.

Church is a very important word, but for a day-to-day descriptive word of who we are, Scot thinks Fellowship, a sharing of life, might be more accurate.

How we feel about the Church or gathering together as the Church begins with how we understand the Church. Are we a club? A status symbol? Or are we a family? A chosen people with an overflowing love for Christ and His mission?

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