This Sunday at Mayfair

This Sunday at Mayfair | September 17th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we started our new series on the “Famous Last Words” of the Bible.

There’s just something about last words that is extremely intriguing. It’s a chance to sum everything up, to leave a legacy, to remind us what’s really important.

To many people, even many Christians, the last words of the Bible are just. . .confusing.

But one of the things we gathered this morning was that the book of Revelation wasn’t meant to confuse, it was meant to be understood, and furthermore, to provide a blessing to those who understood it (Rev 1:3).

God’s message hasn’t changed into something we aren’t meant to understand, right at the end. If we listen, we will understand, and if we understand, how could our lives possibly remain unchanged?

These are the Bible’s famous last words, so if you’re curious what Jesus’s parting message was, join us next Sunday. We’ll be happy to have you!

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