This Sunday at Mayfair | October 1st 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we heard the Bible’s last word on the Church and dared to examine ourselves.

We’re forging ahead with our study of Revelation, and we made it to the messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor today (Revelation 2-3).

Jesus’s messages to the Asia Minor churches were first written down hundreds upon hundreds of years ago, but they pierced our hearts all the same today. The sharp sword coming from the mouth of Jesus is definitely something Revelation has right in its imagery.

The devil’s been sowing a lot of doubt in the world recently, and he’s given us plenty of reasons to fly under the radar, to keep our faith shut up inside.

But with every letter we read, in every rebuke and every praise, it was as if Jesus was daring us to dream bigger—to fall in love with Him all over again.

“Stop just going through the motions. Hang in there! Resist the temptation to compromise. Keep growing! Don’t be content with mediocrity! Take advantage of every evangelistic opportunity. Renew your sense of devotion.” That’s what He said to us today. His words ran deep, and it’s not something we can ignore.

We want to drive out any part of us that’s become lukewarm for Christ and His Kingdom. What about you?

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