This Sunday at Mayfair | August 6th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we listened to the parables of the lost being found.

We’re continuing our study of the parables, and this week, we laid down roots in Luke chapter 15. When we read these parables, we often put ourselves in the position of the lost: a reminder that God is fervently seeking us when we wander.

But there’s another way to read these parables.

When Jesus spoke these parables, he spoke them in response to the Pharisees and teachers of the law. They thought that God favored them above sinners because they kept the Law. They treated the sinners like outcasts because that’s how the Pharisees thought God viewed them.

Jesus told them the truth was the complete opposite. God looks on the sinners and outcasts as someone extremely valuable, but lost to him—someone worth seeking.

We had to take a deep look into our hearts today. How does God look at sinners? Is that the same way we look at them? Or are we just like the Pharisees?

And if you were to ask an outcast—the homeless, the addicted, the outcast—would they be able to tell from your life that God thinks they’re worth finding?

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