This Sunday at Mayfair | July 16th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, Jesus humbled our view of our rights and privileges.

Jesus has a way of revealing people to themselves. He knows our hearts better than we do, but he also knows how to help us understand as well. He does it often in His parables, and especially in the parable of the unforgiving servant.

In our culture, it’s easy to detach from others. We come; we go; we get what’s ours and we get out. Mind your own business, make sure you get what’s owed to you, and you’ll do fine.

But if we’re putting ourselves above channeling the love and forgiveness that God gave us into the others in our lives, then we’re undermining the message of the Gospel.

Maybe we’re well within our rights to hold a grudge. Maybe the brother or sister in the pew next to us hasn’t done a single thing to earn an ounce of self-sacrifice from us.

But if we insist on standing on our own rights then God will stand on His.

God made the ultimate sacrifice for you. Now what will you do for others?

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