This Sunday at Mayfair | June 4th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we celebrated some members of our family moving on to new stages in life and read the radical story of the mustard seed.

We’re really excited as the summer brings some of our younger members into new stages of life. We recognized the soon to be married Kristen Hosch and Blaine Talmadge and the recently married Zach and Savannah Shaffer, and we also brought all our kids up on stage to recognize their accomplishments in completing another year of study at Mayfair.

Now, you may have not realized, but mustard seeds are pretty radical. At least to the Jews of Jesus’s day, they were—and not in a good way.

When Jesus says the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, it wasn’t what the Jews were expecting. It's not an elegant plant. The mustard plant grows wildly and can take over an entire garden—not at all like the hedged and ordered religion the Jews of Jesus’s day were living.

It’s much easier to get comfortable, but maybe we’ve been living like the Kingdom of God is like a row of carrots instead of a radical, change-inducing mustard seed?

If so, how will you change to be more like the Kingdom Jesus reveals in Matthew 13?

If you were at Mayfair this Sunday and want to share how God edified you today, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and share your encouragement. If you’re a visitor or thinking about attending Mayfair, take a look at our website, contact our staff and members, and of course, come and join us!