This Sunday at Mayfair | June 11th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we praised the God of Justice.

We were excited to welcome Randy back to the pulpit this week as he returned from the last class in his doctorate program. Lord willing, we will be hearing a message from Dr. Randy Johns around this time next year!

With Randy back, we returned to our study of Malachi. We picked back up with 2:17-3:5.

The Israelites had made a habit of questioning whether or not God truly was a God of justice. It’s a good thing to ask God for wisdom to understand how He is just when we are going through a period of doubt, but that isn’t what the Israelites were doing.

They asked questions not to get answers, but to challenge God.

The answer to their questions is coming, God said, but when it does, the Israelites will have to give answers of their own about how they handled justice.

God expects His people to be a people of justice. Will we leave the world wondering, or will we show them that our God truly cares about the rights and wrong in this world?

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