This Sunday at Mayfair | May 14th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we dove deeper into worship and our relationship with God.

Sometimes worship can feel like a burden. It’s the elephant in the room; there are days, weeks, months, maybe even longer periods of time, when coming to Church on Sunday feels more like a chore than worship. We don’t talk about it much, but we’ve all felt it at one time or another.

God called Malachi to prophecy to Israel because they had made complacency commonplace in their worship. Israel’s half-hearted sacrifices didn't please God. If they weren’t going to take Him seriously, how could they expect to have a relationship with Him?

In a culture that is so easily bored and satisfied with doing things halfway, we want to be different. We can’t earn God’s favor by giving Him our best—like He’s some kind of vending machine—but we can show God that we truly love Him as our Father, Master, Friend, and God. And the worship that grows out of that relationship won't be a burden; it will be the joy of those who know the other is fully committed to them, 100%.

If you were at Mayfair this Sunday and want to share how God edified you today, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and share your encouragement. If you’re a visitor or thinking about attending Mayfair, take a look at our website, contact our staff and members, and of course, come and join us!

PS: Happy Mother’s Day!