This Sunday at Mayfair | April 2nd 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we put things in perspective.

With Easter on the horizon, Randy’s sermon was about Jesus in the days and weeks leading up to his crucifixion. It really got some of us thinking about just how dedicated God is to loving us. As all-important as Jesus sacrifice at the cross is, it wasn’t just there that He sacrificed. His diligent, sacrificial love was there in everything that he did—every day of His life.

Randy’s pre-sermon comments also got us thinking as well. He talked about having a calling. Everyone seemed to lean in as he spoke, especially some of our brothers and sisters in the college group. With graduations, job hunts, doubts, fears, and hopes looming, it was encouraging (even inspiring) to hear Randy speak off-the-cuff about our calling and giving Jesus our best. I don’t think any of us ever come away unedified when the preacher steps out of the pulpit for a heart-to-heart.

If you were at Mayfair this Sunday and want to share how God edified you, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and share your encouragement. If you’re a visitor or thinking about attending Mayfair, take a look at our website, contact our staff and members, and of course, come and join us!