This Sunday at Mayfair | April 9th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we walked with Jesus in the days before his death and resurrection.

It’s one thing to be a consumer during the festivities of Easter, but being Jesus’ disciple as He endures the path to execution (and still bids us to follow Him)...that’s a completely different lifestyle.

After services, we had a potluck lunch in the fellowship hall, and some of us talked more about how Jesus’ time in the garden prepared Him for His time on the cross. It was encouraging to see just how much this part of Jesus’ life really affected us for the better—like as parents talked about finding more patience with their kids in the times that they were most challenging and sharing more joy with them in the times that they were most excited.

If you were at Mayfair this Sunday and want to share how God edified you, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and share your encouragement. If you’re a visitor or thinking about attending Mayfair, take a look at our website, contact our staff and members, and of course, come and join us!

PS: Happy 59th birthday to Mayfair! May God bless us with many more to come.