This Sunday at Mayfair | April 23rd 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we asked ourselves a very important question: "Now what?"

The day of Easter has passed, but that shouldn't mean that the meaning of Easter gets left in the past as well. How do we carry that forward?

Randy’s sermon focused on the mission Jesus gave us before He ascended and on the hearts of His disciples as they received that mission. One of the messages that really stuck with us was that God is still working on us—and that’s okay.

In Matthew’s gospel, he records that some disciples had doubts, even as they worshiped the risen Lord. Our doubts aren’t really something that gets brought into the open very much, but it was refreshing to listen and talk to each other about the doubts that we have and, most importantly, how God is able to accomplish the impossible with us, even when we have doubts.

We have a mission ahead of us.

If you were at Mayfair this Sunday and want to share how God edified you or the mission He’s given you, leave a comment here or on the Facebook page and share your encouragement. If you’re a visitor or thinking about attending Mayfair, take a look at our website, contact our staff and members, and of course, come and join us!

PS: Get excited for the guest speaker, vacation bible school, and high school senior graduation celebration this summer! Spread the news!