This Sunday at Mayfair | November 26th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we heard the Bible’s last words on death.

Our study in Revelation is almost over as we turned to chapter 20 this week, but it's still going strong!

Death can seem like a pretty big mystery. Everyone will die eventually, but it isn’t really a subject that anyone wants to talk about. The three most common responses to death are probably fear, anger, or apathy, but maybe that’s because we don’t know very much about death. God wants to set a few things straight for us in the last book.

He reminds us that there are really two kinds of death: physical and spiritual. He reminds us that a spiritual death is really the only thing to be afraid of, and crucially, a spiritual death is optional.

Everyone has to die physically, but God made a way for us to choose whether or not we will die a spiritual death, and Revelation makes one thing clear: so much more than your physical body craves this temporary physical life, you should crave the eternal spiritual life given to those who persevere.

Why? Because there are good things waiting for those that die in the Lord. To them, physical death will have been a small thing compared with eternal glory with God. Do you think you’ll say the same?

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