This Sunday at Mayfair | October 15th 2017

This Sunday at Mayfair, we heard God’s last words on evil.

Our study in Revelation continues as we make our way into chapter six and seven. John is led into the throne room of heaven and the opening of the seven-sealed scroll begins.

When the first four seals are opened, all kinds of terrible things happen, things many of us have sadly experienced: strife, war, hunger, poverty, disease, death. And when the fifth seal is opened, the voices of all the Christian martyrs call out wanting to know how long it will be until the evil people in the world are judged.

If you wanted to sum up everything that brings us doubt in this life, the first five seals wouldn’t be a bad choice. And after reading, it’s not surprising if you’d want to ask God why evil has to exist in the first place?

What answer does Revelation give? God isn’t trying to explain away evil, but He is in control, and He will judge the world one day. Most importantly, even though bad things happen to good people, God knows His people in the midst of it all.

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PS: Mayfair Trunk or Treat is coming up soon, October 29th! Get involved and get ready for an awesome evening with the community!