Adult classes sunday 9:00AM

College and Career
A class for young adults, in and out of college, seeking a relationship with God and learning to navigate the everyday challenges of adulthood. Room 201.

20s & 30s
This class of young adults, both single and married, is engaged in a variety of life-changing Bible studies taught by Jeff Bonney, Michael Mitchell, and Jordan Harris. Room 117.

30s & 40s
This class of adults, made up of many walks of life, whether that is married, single or divorced chooses topics that are of particular value to them at this stage in their Christian lives. This class is taught by Dan Skaggs and Kevin Baird. Room 112.

50s & 60s
This class is made up of those approaching the "empty nest" years. This class is lead by Steve Sims. Room 116.

60s & Better
This class is taught by Dr. Barrett Huddleston. Room 121.

WEdnesday evening: 7:00PM

Adult Bible Class
Room 121.

Women's Bible Class
This ladies' Bible class is led by Debbie Yeagley, and Natalie Bonney. Room 117.